Top 3 destinations for DJ LeMahieu if he wants out of New York Yankees

Giving that DJ LeMahieu was the best player among New York Yankees, he could be going out shopping and looking for some other teams that want their talent on the plate playing in the MLB.


With another 29 teams looking to improve their roster, these top 3 could be serious business if LeMaheiu wants out of the Bronx.


3. New York Mets

Who's better than the Yankees in this situation? The other New York team located in Bushwick. The Mets could be using DJ a lot playing side-by-side with Pete Alonso, giving them a hopeful Playoff spot for the years to come. But, let's not forget that with the new DH rule applying in the NL, LeMahieu could be playing on second base, Robinson Cano's actual position in the MLB.


2. St. Louis Cardinals

Can you imagine DJ playing next to Goldschmidt? This is a hell of an opportunity for the Cardinals, putting them among the best NL teams in the MLB. With Kolten Wong having an opt-out and Matt Carpenter struggling, that gives us a very fair chance to see LeMahieu playing in St. Louis during the 2021 and beyond.



1.Los Angeles Dodgers

Welp, if the Dodgers are prohibitive favorites to win this year (unless the Rays pull a Cinderella Story), this would be just unfair. With Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, Kike Hernandez, Justin Turner, Cory Seager and now LeMaheiu, playing in the NL West would be a total nightmare, giving that the Rockies and the Giants are on rebuilding mode, and let's not put the Dbacks there. Maybe and only just maybe, the San Diego Padres could be the only team in the NL West that could be at their level. JUST UN-FAIR!


Which team do you think DJ LeMahieu would love to play with?

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