A former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player now will be coaching the other team in LA. That’s right, Ty Lue just agreed to be coach of Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA.

Now that the Los Angeles Lakers are reigning in the NBA again, it’s time for the Clippers to make their next move, which was hire a coach who knows how to beat LeBron better than anyone. Tyron Lue, a former Lakers player, will be coaching Kawhi Leonard and the rest of the Clippers for the next five years.

After the 3-1 blowout in the Playoffs, Clippers considered another coach with a different perspective apart from Doc Rivers’. Now, Ty Lue will be guiding the team the same way he did with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which overcame the 3-1 lead from the Golden State Warriors in 2016 to give LeBron his third ring and the first championship for Cleveland.

The five-year deal will serve as a fresh start for the Clippers, who will be pursuing another shot at the NBA Finals with their new core. Kawhi Leonard, alongo with Paul George and DeAndre Jordan will be battling next NBA Season with the best in the West.

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