Former baskteball player Scottie Pippen spoke about LeBron James’s leadership with the Lakers, saying he “still has to prove” in order to the be GOAT.

LeBron James will be playing their tenth NBA Finals tonight against their former team and the one who saw him win two championships: Miami Heat.

Now, Miami will be playing with a very underdog roster, with Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro looking to win it all against one of the most successful NBA franchises.

With a few hours left to tip-off, Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls former star, told the media that LeBron still has a lot top rove to be in the GOAT conversation alongside Michael Jordan.

LeBron James is 3-6 during the NBA Finals, with now three different teams. He has to be the main guy starting the game and prove he ca deal with the pressure of having the last shot day in and day out.

Los Angeles Lakers will look to win this year and give James his fourth NBA Championring.

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