With 0.5 seconds on the clock, OG Anunoby threw a triple that became a buzzer-beater, game winner for TorontoRaptors during the NBA Playoffs against Boston Celtics.

Last possession was on pace, with Kemba pass that gave the Celtics a 103-101 lead against the current NBA Champions. They never thought it would end like this.

Kyle Lowry sent a pass to OG, and threw a triple, giving the Raptors’ their first win of the series. The game ended 104-103 Raptors, with Celtics having a 2-1 lead during these best-if-seven game series.

The Raptors were on pace to getting swept by the Celtics if they didn’t win tonight. Now, they have a new opportunity to push these series up to seven games, and looking forward to getting to the NBA Finals for the second time in a row.

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