With a final score of 115-104, Miami Heat upsets Los Angeles Lakers to win Game 3 of these NBA Finals inside the Orlando Bubble.

When everyone thought the Heat will be getting swept by LeBron James and his Lakers, Jimmy Butler and the rest of Miami basketball team created a momentum to win Game 3 during the NBA Finals. Jimmy Butler ended up with a 40-point triple double.

Not only did Butler joined Jerry West and LeBron James as the only players with a 40-point triple double during the NBA Finals; he created hope for Miami and they could even win the whole thing if they can get three more games like this.

Even without Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic, the Heat could count upon Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro and Jae Crowder to win Game 3 tonight.

Miami will look to tie the series 2 apiece to make it at least a 6-game NBA Finals.


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