LeBron James talked about Jamal Murray offensive game and how he has to be locked in to guard him during last night’s game between LosΒ Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

During the game, LeBron had to be the defender for the Lakers when it came to Murray, which dropped 45 points for the Nuggets in a very tough loss. Denver is 3-1 again during these Playoffs and the have to do the impossible to win their ticket into the NBA Finals.

“I knew it was winning time”, LeBron told the NBA. He knows Jamal Murray will be a superstar in the coming years, and that he was the only one on the Lakers that could stop him on taking the win for the Nuggets.

With a last day to win, Denver Nuggets will go into Saturday’s game 5 with a last shot to make history or exit the NBA Bubble.

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