With 40 points to lead the way, Jimmy Butler joins LeBron James and Jerry West as the only players in NBA History to record a 40+ point triple-double in the NBA Finals.

Almost everyone thought LosAngeles Lakers will get the sweep during this NBA Finals against Miami Heat. They never thought that Jimmy Butler will lead the way and get a win for his team with 40 points.

Not just Jimmy Buckets, but Tyler Herro, Duncan Robison and Jae Crowder built a momentum for the Heat during the whole game to upset powerful Lakers and force at least a Game 5 during this NBA Finals.

Still, with two 40-point performances this season, Jimmy Butler joined LeBron James and Jerry West as the only players to record a 40-point triple double during the NBA Finals.

If he can keep this rhythm up, he might be taking the Heat to a whole new level, even winning the Chip for Miami this year,

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