Now that Anthony Davis finally won the NBA with the Lakers, he’s thinking about opting out of his contract to re-sign in a bigger deal that will send AD for a long time to the city of angels.

It’s true that having a duo like LeBron James and Anthony Davis is close to an unbeatable way to win. Now imagine having these two guys for a longer time than expected.

That’s right, AD is planning on opting out of his recent contract and re-sign on a bigger deal with the Lakers. That will put him and the team as favorites for the 2021 NBA Season one more time.

Right now, Davis is owed 28.7 million dollars, but he’s clever enough to reject that offer and looking into a bigger deal, maybe a super-max contract in the making.

Anthony Davis carried the Lakers, along with LeBron to their 17th championship in the NBA, tied for most championships in history with the Boston Celtics.