After an outstanding season on the mound, former Cincinnati Red’s Trevor Bauer and currently free agent has won the Cy Young Award for the first time in his MLB career.

Cincinnati Reds didn’t make it beyond the Postseason, but Trevor Bauer got his first Cy Young in the MLB, after an amazing season pitching and looking into the Postseason.

Trevor Bauer is currently a free agent, since he rejected his 18.9 million qualifying offer from the Reds to come back for the 2021 MLB Season, probably looking for a little more than that.

With this Cy Young Award, Trevor Bauer became the first Red’s pitcher to win this accolade in the history of the franchise.

Now, Bauer looks poised to get a big check with a competitive team, and looking to win his first ever World Series Championship soon.

In the meantime, congrats Bauer!