Things are getting worse for the Rays. They just lost the World Series against Los Angeles Dodgers, and now, their former big prospect is facing a long time in jail (or worse), shocking the whole MLB.

After an outstanding performance by the Tampa Bay Rays, they made it to the World Series for the second time in their history, just to get beaten by Los Angeles Dodgers in six games. But that’s not it; a former future prospect for the Rays was found guilty of triple murder after beating his dad and two other with a baseball bat.

Brandon Martin was an exceptional baseball player, even drawing comparisons to New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. That would’ make him a big prospect in the MLB and beyond, but now, he’s charged in three killings.

Brandon Martin killed his father and others on September 17, 2015. After a long time in jury figuring things out, he was finally declared guilty, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Brandon Martin was selected by the Rays with the 38th pick overall in the 2011 MLB draft, signing a 860 thousand dollar bonus after his amazing performance. Now he won’t be seeing any future with the Rays or any other MLB team.