Mookie Betts put on a show tonight against Tampa Bay Rays during Game 1 of the MLB World Series, and he became the first guy to steal a base “for a taco in two different October Classic Series.

We love baseball and we love Taco Bell, and that’s why for every stolen base during the World Series, Taco Bell gives free Dorito Tacos to its clients.

MookieBetts stole some bases during 2018 World Series and winning it all with Boston Red Sox and got the MVP as well. Now, he started earlier tonight and stole another base for a free Taco. That’s how Mookie rolls right now.

It’s not that we love Taco Bell, but who wouldn’t want a free taco to watch some baseball while you’re wearing your favorite team’s jersey or hat? Yeah, we love Mookie for this and he deserves to win the Taco Bell MVP (if there’s anything like that).

We just couldn’t help but wonder, how many more tacos can we get from Taco Bell thanks to Mookie Betts?