After taking the qualifying offer from San Francisco Giants, Kevin Gausman will be back in the rotation in 2021, playing in the MLB as a starting pitcher in the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Giants can take a deep breath after Kevin Gausman accepted the qualifying offer of 18.9 million dollars to play one more year in San Francisco. He was a no doubter for the Giants, who’ve seen him as an up and coming ace and want to keep him for another MLB season.

After Madison Bumbarger’s depature from the Giants, the team needed a reliable pitcher to be in the bullpen; luckily for them, Gausman is back and ready to roll with San Francisco, looking forward to get into the Postseason for the first time since 2016.

San Francisco Giants are expected to be aggressive during the offseason, looking at free agents such as Trevor Bauer as the ace for any team that wants to have a strong pitching as him.