The Mexican born pitcher Julio Urias will the playing in Game 4 of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, looking to get the lead and to win in the MLB Championship.

The Dodgers lost last night, and now with the World Series tied one apiece, this Championship could go further than a 5-game series.

This is why Dave Roberts will play Julio Urias on Game 4 against the Rays, looking to get some momentum like the time Urias got some perfect pitching to get the Dodgers into the World Series for the third time in 5 years.

Now Urias could be facing the most important game in his entire career, and he could be giving Clayton Kershaw enough confidence to fight once again the Rays.

Los Angeles Dodgers are fighting against the best team in the AL, which holds a 70-million-dollar payroll, that could be seen as a very low budget considering how many te Dodgers are paying ONLY for Mookie Betts. This will give the Rays a Cinderella Story for the ages by the time they would become World Series Champions and the MLB kings.