Even when they’re the public enemy of the MLB, it seems that the Houston Astros are the ones to win it all (this time, no cheating) in the ALCS and the World Series.

Probably you’d be thinking: “How mad should I be to witness the Astros advancing into the ALCS?”. The answer is: You’d be surprised.

After being the most hated team in the MLB, suddenly, they’re proving everyone wrong by being hot at-bat and winning games like it’s just a regular thing.

Even when Los Angeles Dodgers are the fan favorite to win this year, they won’t be having an easy road from now on. Atlanta Braves聽are looking good, and they might be giving the Dodgers a hard time. And even if they advance to the World Series, they HAVE to improve their roster against the Astros, since Clayton Kershaw has been struggling year in and year out during the MLB Playoffs.

And no, we’re not talking about his performance against the Astros. We’re talking about his meltdown last year against Washington Nationals.

Everyone would love to see the Astros getting beaten up by the Dodgers, even if they’re way into deep in the World Series. Still, they have to prove Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa can be stopped.

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