With a score of 8-3, Los Angeles Dodgers took care of Game 1 and defeated the Tampa Bay Rays, and it looks that Dave Roberts’ team is not slowing down, looking to get their first World Series Championship since 1988 in the MLB.

It all started with a Cody Bellinger homer to start getting hot, then it came Mookie Betts with his flashy “Taco Bell” stolen bases thing, and the Tampa Bay Rays were losing the game 6-1.

Not even Kermaier’s home run to cut the lead 2-1 was enough to get some momentum for the Rays, and the Dodgers started working all night long, proving why they’re the best in the West and why as Dave Roberts put it, “This is their year”.

Even Mookie got his first homer on a World Series as a Dodger, and we can tell it’s gonna be the first of many, since Betts signe a 12-year deal with the team to play for the rest of his life in Los Angeles.

With Game 2 happening tomorrow, the MLB is looking closely on how the Rays could be having an offensive comeback against the Dodgers and start to get things going.