Dave Roberts has confirmed that Tony Gonsolin will start Game 2 of these MLB World Series against Tampa Bay Rays. Los Angeles Dodgers are ahead 1-0 winning Game 1 8-3.

It all looks like Roberts and the Dodgers are confident, and that’s why they will start Gonsolin for Game 2 against Tampa Bay Rays, after dominating Tampa Bay during Game 1 of the World Series.

Even when the Dodger s were the best of the best in the MLB, they’ve decided to put Tony Gonsolin since they don’t have too much to offer, for their bullpen are on off days with Buehler, May and Urias. So, that would give Gonsolin an opportunity to start the game and we’ll see how that goes.

If the Dodgers start early, Gonsolin could be holding on to three, four innings tops, but you’ll never know with these Tampa Bay Rays; they even beat the Yankees and the mighty Astros to have their second visit into the World Series.