Los Angeles Dodgers pulled a monster win last night against Atlanta Braves, getting 11 runs during the first inning on Game 3 of the NLCS in the MLB Playoffs.

Even when the Braves felt confident for a 2-0 lead over the Dodgers in the NLCS, last night was a reminder to never underestimate the best team in the NL.

That’s why during the very first inning, Los Angeles Dodgers pulled a 11 run inning to take a HUGE lead. Obviously, by the end of the game, the score was nowhere close to be tied. Braves lost 15-3 with a 2-1 record in the NLCS.

A Gran Slam, back-to-back homers, and a lot of power put the Dodgers ahead and never looked back. Tonight the Dodgers finally will get Clayton Kershaw to pitch Game 4, looking to tie the series and to get into the World Series.

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