With 36 years old and Tampa Bay on his back, Charlie Morton put the Houston Astros into the next plane home and now he’ll be playing in the World Series of this 2020 MLB Season.

Charlie Morton is not your average veteran MLB player, he can still make some damage and put your whole team to sleep. That’s what happened on Game 7 of the ALCS against the Houston Astros, where Morton got 6 Ks on 5.2 IP, receiving only two hits from the Astros, and left the game with a 4-0 score with the Rays ahead.

Charlie Morton used to play for the Houston Astros when they win the World Series in 2017, and pitched the last four inning in Game 7 against Los Angeles Dodgers. And now, he’s back with a new team that could add another championship to his resume.

Congrats, Charlie! And welcome back to the World Series.

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