With Freddie Freeman leading up the way, the Altanta Braves overcame Los Angeles Dodgers with a 5-1 victory during Game 1 of the NLCS in the MLB Postseason.

LosAngeles Dodgers just got a taste of what they might be dealing with this week in the NLCS against Atlanta Braves. In the end, the “best in the NL” got beaten up so hard during the ninth inning that they need even more focus for Game 2.

The MLB Postseason just begun and the Dodgers are no longer the unbeaten team. The just got their first loss of the MLB Playoffs against Ronald Acu帽a Jr, Freddie Freeman and three guys who used to play for their arch-rivals, San Francisco Giants.

With Will Smith pitching the 8th, the Braves started getting some more momentum after Freddie Freeman’s homer earlier in the game.

Even Pablo Sandoval and Mark Melancon joined the party to close the game against the Dodgers and to prove one more time, it was time to #BeatLA.

Some very struggling moments coming right up for the Dodgers. We’ll see how these series goes.

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